Nursing faculty believe that nursing education is driven by the application of critical thinking and judgment and the development of teaching/learning strategies using innovative approaches and evidence-based research.  

Nursing faculty also believe the purpose of education is to enlighten and enhance the quality of life for the student, the community and the patients for whom students and graduates provide care.

Education based on mastery learning is viewed by the nursing faculty as a collaborative process involving college administrators and staff, nursing faculty and nursing students. Each student enters the nursing program with unique characteristics, capabilities, learning styles, and motivation for learning. To address learning style differences, curriculum experiences are structured from simple to complex and are delivered in varied methodologies to connect with all learning domains.

The program embraces the diversity of cultural, linguistic and philosophical differences represented in the student body. Course experiences are designed to encourage discussion, inquiry, collaboration and application of cultural practices that are unique to the individuals and groups represented in the campus and in the community.

The goal of the program is to promote students’ creativeness, critical thinking, clinical judgment, and personal growth based on successful learning experiences.  Achievement of this goal is fostered by encouraging self-direction and by providing a variety of individual and group learning experiences. 

Students are expected to participate actively in the learning process and to positively collaborate with faculty and student peers.

updated July 2019