BSN Program Partnerships

Cerritos College Nursing Program fosters and supports lifelong learning for all students. The Nursing Program encourages students to start preparing for and seeking academic progression options to obtain their Bachelor in Science in Nursing degrees. The nursing program partners with many BSN (4 year) campuses/programs to assist students in "jump starting" classes towards their bachelors degree via a concurrent model of education. Upon admission into the nursing program, students will be informed and updated on the concurrent options available to them, once they have completed their first nursing course. Options, program applications, qualifications, and deadlines will be actively communicated, and the Director of Nursing will work with students to meet these.

Students can begin gathering information regarding program qualifications now. They can review the CSU GE qualifications and be sure to complete classes that make them strong candidates for the concurrent enrollments: 1) Critical Thinking, 2) Nutrition, 3) Statistics, 4) Chemistry, 5) Oral Communication, and 6) course to fulfill Lifelong Learning. Students should review the following academic pathway plans to assure that they have fulfilled coursework for the AA Degree (PLAN A) and coursework for transfer to the CSUs in (PLAN B).

PLAN A - AA Degree


The nursing program also provides a large educational fair for our senior students in their capstone course. This fair allows for many bachelor programs to attend our campus and share with the seniors valuable information regarding their programs (on site and distant learning options). Seniors then have ample resources to make educated decisions for their future.


NATIONAL UNIVERSITY ADN-BSN Dual Enrollment Program - Here on Cerritos College campus!!!

With National University (NU) right here on our campus, our nursing students don't have to travel far to work on their BSN! National University has a full-time presence here with our own NU advisor/counselor. National is offering a 15% tuition reduction for Cerritos alumni, current students, staff and faculty, as well as a 25% tuition reduction on courses completed at Cerritos College. They offer online and on-campus classes and class is only once a week, during your summer break. With classes being 4 weeks in length, students can complete their BSN in less than a year after completing their Associate Degree in Nursing and NCLEX-RN exam. Eligible students must be currently enrolled in the Cerritos College Nursing Program, with one semester completed, and in good academic standing.

National University will conduct an Informational Session in both Fall and Spring terms. Those dates will be announced on the Skills Lab CANVAS site.

National University - Cerritos College Partnership

California State University - Los Angeles

A collaborative model for Academic Progression in Nursing that joins CSULA with CA Community Colleges (CC) to facilitate seamless transfer to CSULA for ADN graduates. This collaborative enables the ADN-RN to earn a BSN degree in 12 months or less after graduating from the Community College. This collaborative program resides in the CSULA College of Extended Studies and International Programs. Once the nursing student is enrolled in the Cerritos College nursing program and is into their second or third semester, they will have an opportunity to apply for the current cohort being fulfilled. Representatives from CSULA will host an information session on Cerritos College campus in mid Fall session. Students who are interested in applying will work with their Director of Nursing in January to fulfill the application. Students from the community college program are selected by their Director for admission to the CSULA collaborative. Selection is based on academic achievement in the pre-requisite sciences and English courses and academic performance in the Associate Degree (ADN) program. Specifically, the student must have a 3.0 overall GPA, a 3.0 gpa in the pre-requisite courses, and a 3.0gpa in the nursing program. Strong applicants also will have the following courses completed: 1) Critical Thinking, 2) Chemistry, 3) Inferential Statistics, and 4) Oral Communication Course. The applicant will be GE Certified.

Cerritos College Nursing Program strives to enroll eight qualified applicants each year into the CSULA partnership. Students may be selected via lottery if there are more qualified students than there are spaces available.

Students will take their ADN courses at Cerritos College during the Fall and Spring semesters. In the Summer session, students will take coursework at CSULA. Once the student graduates Cerritos College and completes the NCLEX-RN licensure examination, the student will matriculate into the CSULA BSN Program and will complete their BSN within 12 months or less.

Suggested Cerritos College - CSULA Roadmap

CSULA Information and Eligibility Form can be found at

California State University - Fullerton

The CSUF Jump Start program provides an opportunity for students to enroll into BSN courses at California State University, Fullerton while also being enrolled in a regionally accredited Community College ADN program located in California. The Jump Start program only operates during the summer (10 week session) through Open University (OU). Each summer session, the School of Nursing will offer the following courses:

NURS 305: Professional Nursing (3 units)
NURS 310: Nursing Research/Evidence Based Practice (3 units)

Jump Start students must take either NURS 305 or NURS 310 the first semester. These students will have an opportunity to take the other the following summer. There is a maximum of one course per summer session. If space permits, CSUF will offer two. Each course will be offered face-to-face and online.

Students will have the opportunity to complete up to 6 units of the 24 units of RN-BSN nursing coursework,become familiar with California State University, Fullerton's RN-BSN program coursework expectations and content, and have the opportunity to network with current Cal State Fullerton students, faculty, and staff. Students who successfully complete coursework through the CSUF JumpStart are eligible for priority admission/matriculation into the RN-BSN program once they have graduated from their community college program.

To be eligible for this program, a student must have completed their first semester of nursing courses at Cerritos College and be in good standing. The student must have a 3.0gpa on prerequisite coursework and nursing coursework.

Jump Start Instructions

CSUF JumpStart Applications open February 1 - March 1 each year.

Chamberlain University - BSN Partnership

Cerritos College and Chamberlain University have a contractual relationship that allows our graduates to enroll in their RN-BSN Program, upon graduation, at a 25% cost reduction. That's right! Alumni of Cerritos College can save upwards to $4,000.00 off their BSN degree. The BSN degree can be completed in as little as 3 years.

Chamberlain RN-BSN Degree