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Educational Materials

Educational Materials Workshop allows students to request a reimbursement or an advancement on educational fees, books and supplies from the county. 

if you are a los angeles/orange county participant


Educational Materials Workshop (Ancillary Request/Reimbursement)

Option 1. Contact your GAIN service worker and request items "required" based on your class syllabus.
Option 2. Complete the Educational Materials Workshop over the phone 1-1 with Blanca P. Gamez. To request an appointment please email Blanca Gamez at 
Option 3. Complete the Educational Material Request via email. Submit all paperwork via email to Blanca P. Gamez at 

For options 2 & 3. You are required to submit:

1. Book(s) shopping list (cart-view for taxes and fees) - from the book store or wherever you will be purchasing them from.
2. School fees (for example, ASCC, Health, etc.) - from MyCerritos Fees Page
3. Your class syllabus (for all classes enrolled)
4. Special items specific to your course (for example, cosmetology kit, culinary kit, etc.)
5. Your class schedule - for the semester you are requesting - list view only no weekly view and MUST show you are enrolled, NOT waitlisted.

*Keep in mind, for basic supplies (pens, paper, folders, etc) the county does not pay the $60 allowance for summer, that is only given during the Fall and Spring semesters. For summer it requires an itemized receipt of all purchased items.

*If you need to request, a laptop, printer ink, web camera, etc. This requires a letter of support from a counselor and you need to have an over the phone appointment made with a counselor.

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