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Educational Materials

Educational Materials Workshop allows students to request a reimbursement or an advancement on educational fees, books and supplies from the county. 

if you are a los angeles/orange county participant


Educational Materials Workshop (Ancillary Request/Reimbursement)

Option 1. Contact your GAIN service worker and request items "required" based on your class syllabus.
Option 2. Complete the Educational Materials Workshop over the phone 1-1 with Marina Rodriguez. To request an appointment please email Marina Rodriguez at
Option 3. Complete the Educational Material Request via email. Submit all paperwork via email to Marina Rodriguez at I

For options 2 & 3. You are required to submit:

1. Book(s) shopping list (cart-view for taxes and fees) - from the book store or wherever you will be purchasing them from.
2. School fees (for example, ASCC, Health, etc.) - from MyCerritos Fees Page
3. Your class syllabus (for all classes enrolled)
4. Special items specific to your course (for example, cosmetology kit, culinary kit, etc.)
5. Your class schedule - for the semester you are requesting - list view only no weekly view and MUST show you are enrolled, NOT waitlisted.

*Keep in mind, for basic supplies (pens, paper, folders, etc) the county does not pay the $60 allowance for summer, that is only given during the Fall and Spring semesters. For summer it requires an itemized receipt of all purchased items.

*If you need to request, a laptop, printer ink, web camera, etc. This requires a letter of support from a counselor and you need to have an over the phone appointment made with a counselor.

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