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Are there limits on financial aid?

600% Rule

Yes! The amount of Federal Pell Grant funds you may receive over your lifetime is limited by federal law to be equivalent of six years of Pell Grant funding. Since the maximum amount of Pell Grant funding you can receive each year is equal to 100%, the six-year equivalent is 600%. Once your LEU equals or exceeds 600%, you will no longer receive Pell Grant funding.


Examples of Lifetime Eligibility Used - LEU for an Academic Year

dExamples of Lifetime Eligibility Used for an Academic Year

Get the most out of your financial aid Pell Grant and plan to finish your bachelors degree within the 600% Rule. 

  • Get on Track 
  • Stay on Track 
  • Maximize your Financial Aid

It is VERY important to see an Academic Counselor and develop an educational plan to help you reach your educational goals. 

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