Message Center

Stay up to date! check your message center!

What is Message Center? 

Cerritos College uses the Message Center
communicate with students about
important time-sensitive information
related to their financial aid, fees, academics,
graduation and counseling. 

This method of communication allows Cerritos
College to provide sensitive information to students
quickly and privately through MyCerritos.  

Message Center

How to locate your Message Center?

  • Log-on to your MyCerritos account.

  • Click on "Student Center"

  • Under the Student Communication Center Click on "Message Center".

Message Center on MyCerritos 







Why is the Message Center important?

The Message Center allows you to view important updates. You will receive important messages from the Financial Aid, Admissions and Records, and Counseling Departments. You should view all of your messages and take the time to carefully read and review each message in a timely manner to avoid any delays. 

Important - Make sure you have valid email address listed on your mycerritos account. 

Note: BE AWARE! That the message(s) will only remain on your account for a fixed period of time, you will see the expiration date on the upper right hand side of the message. 

Important Messages from the Financial Aid Office 

What type of messages will I receive? 

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

Are you eligible to receive your Financial Aid? Check your SAP status.

The SAP is a policy requiring student's to maintain the Financial Aid's academic standards to continue receiving federal and state funds excluding California College Promise Grant (Fee Waiver)

SAP Standards

SAP Standardsd

You will receive a message through Message Center notifying you of your SAP status for the following semester. Once all of the your grades have posted for your current semester.

SAP Statusd

Note: There are different standards to maintain the California College Promise Grant (Fee Waiver).

Financial Aid Award

Once your eligibility has been determined, you will receive an Award Notification with what financial aid you qualify for and instructions for how to view the award.

Comprehensive Student Educational Plan

If a Comprehensive Student Educational Plan is required or has already been submitted to the Financial Aid Office, you will receive a notification regarding your eligibility for financial aid.

Federal Direct Loan

Once your MPN & entrance counseling are completed you will receive a notification to accept, decline, or reduce the loan amount offered.

Financial Aid Course Applicability

How to check if your classes are eligible for a disbursement. 

You will receive a notification for instructions to review your "FA Course Eligibility" for courses that you are enrolled in for the semester. Courses must be towards your program of study in order to be approved.

FA Course Elgibilityd

Make sure all of your classes have a green check mark to be eligible for Financial Aid.  

Federal Work Study (FWS)

You will receive Federal Work Study (FWS) application status updates.

Student Success Completion Grant

You will receive a notification regarding your eligibly for Student Success Completion Grant.

For more details, please see Cerritos College Financial Aid Office ~ Join the Line 
Phone: (562)860-2451 Ext.2397 ~ E-mail: