Withdrawing from Classes

If you are dropping all classes or completing classes with no passing grades, the Financial Aid Office must perform a Return of Title IV Aid calculation to determine how much a student earned vs. not earned based on the midpoint of the semester.   If you dropped some classes initially and then later drop all classes or complete all classes with no passing grades, you may owe both a Pell Recalculation debt as well as a Return of Title IV debt. 

Non passing grades are F, FW, W, I, NC, NP, MW, EW.

Pell recalculation and Return of Title IV are mandatory required by the federal regulations and the Department of Education.

If you do not pay your debt within 30 days as specified in your overpayment letter, your debt may be assigned to collection to the Chancellor’s Overpayment Tax Offset Program (COTOP) or to the Department of Education, which could result in interest and/or fees being added.