Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

Q. Where can I find the refund drop date, drop without a “W” date, drop with a “W” date? 

Q. Will dropping classes or not passing classes impact my financial aid next semester? 

  • A.  Withdrawals and not passing classes may impact your Satisfactory Academic Progress status with financial aid.  Get familiar with the standards, warning and disqualification statuses, and the appeal process.  Also, if you are determined to owe an overpayment, this could impact your ability to enroll in future semesters and may not be able to receive further financial aid at Cerritos College or another institution.  Please visit the Financial Aid Office before dropping courses to review the consequences of dropping.

Q.  Can I repeat a class that I dropped or failed and still receive financial aid? 

  • A.  Repeating Coursework – Once you receive a passing grade for a course, you can only receive financial aid once more.  The institution will determine how many times you can enroll in a course.  If you have dropped or failed a course twice, you must petition to enroll a third time.  

Q. Will I be placed on probation or dismissal for the college due to dropping classes or not passing classes? 

Q.  I have a hold on my records because I owe financial aid, can I still enroll for next semester? 

  • A.  Yes, if you are making payments, you can submit an Overpayment Appeal form and we will remove your hold temporarily to allow you enroll. 

Q.  Can I appeal to dispute the debt?

  • A.  Yes, you may appeal using the Overpayment Appeal form.  However, regulations do not give us the flexibility to remove a debt even if you may have a good reason for dropping.

Q.  Where do I call if my debt has already been assigned to the Department of Education and I want to make payment arrangements?

  • A.  For a Department of Education Overpayment, call 1(800) 621-3115. 

Q. Where do I call if my debt has already been assigned to the Chancellor’s Overpayment Tax Offset Program (COTOP)?

  • A.  For a debt assigned to the Chancellor’s Overpayment Tax Offset Program (COTOP), e-mail the Financial Aid Office at