Comprehensive Student Educational Plan

Federal financial aid regulations require schools to establish a maximum time frame in which an educational program should be completed. We require students to meet with a counselor to create a comprehensive educational plan at 60 units attempted for A.A. or Transfer programs and at 30 units attempted for Certificate programs. The purpose of this requirement is to encourage students to focus on their educational goal and successfully complete their program within the appropriate time frame. 

Our Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards state that you must complete your educational program within a maximum time frame of 150 % of the published program’s required units at Cerritos College. For example, Associates in Arts degree and transfer programs generally require 60 units. Therefore, 150 % of those programs would be 90 units (60 units x 1.5). A Certificate program generally requires 30 units. Therefore, 150 % of the certificate program would be 45 units (30 units x 1.5). 

In counting units for this purpose, all previous college attempted units may be included from Cerritos College and any other college, whether taken while on financial aid or not. Remedial and ESL courses taken at Cerritos College are excluded from the total units.


Please read the instructions below before you meet with a counselor. Once you are ready to meet with a counselor, you can schedule a counseling appointment with the General Counseling Office.

1.  Understand that it is important to make an informed decision. When you meet with a counselor, you will be asked to confirm your academic plan (major). If you are unable to decide on an Academic Plan (Major) at this time, you may benefit from exploring majors and relevant careers by visiting the Career Center. Call (562) 860-2451 ext. 2356. 

Below are some additional resources for you:

2.  Assessments should be taken for English, math, and reading

3.  Review your transcript to see what your declared academic plan (major) is. If your major is incorrect, update it by submitting the Online Major Change Form with Admissions and Records.

4.  Print and gather copies of your Cerritos College transcript (unofficial) along with all transcripts from other colleges.   Bring these transcripts with you to the counseling appointment.

5.  Keep a copy of your educational plan for your records.

6.  After you meet with a counselor to complete your comprehensive educational plan, there is no need to submit a copy to the Financial Aid Office.  Please allow 2 weeks for processing. The Financial Aid Office will notify you of your eligibility for financial aid.  If at any point in time it is determined that you cannot complete your educational program within the 150 % time frame, you may be immediately disqualified from financial aid (with the exception of the California College Promise Grant).  It is your responsibility to read and understand the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Standards.