Pell Grant

The Pell Grant is a federal grant. The purpose of the Pell Grant is to help the undergraduate students pay for their college education up to their first bachelor's degree.

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How to Apply

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What happens next?

Disbursement Amounts 

The amount disbursed is determined based off the number of eligible units enrolled for each semester which includes Fall, Spring and Summer of each school year. Adjustments will be made for any classes dropped or added up to the Census Date.

Enrollment Status Enrolled units Amount of Annual Award Used
Less than 1/2 time 0.5 - 5.5 12.5%
1/2 time 6 - 8.5 25%
3/4 time 9 - 11.5 37.5%
Full Time  12 or more 50%

Disbursement Notes: Depending on your EFC you maybe required to be enrolled in a certain amount of eligible units in order to receive a Pell Grant disbursement. 


Summer Disbursements and Year-round Pell Grant

Students will receive the difference in their Pell Grant disbursement up to 100% of their annual award for their summer disbursement.

Year-Round Pell Grant

Students are now allowed to receive up to 150% of their Pell Grant per year. They maybe required to be in at least 6 units or more depending on their EFC. Also, it depends on how much of your percent is used during the Fall and Spring semester.    


Fall - Annual Percent Used Spring - Annual Percent Used Summer - Annual Percent Used Total Percent Used
Full Time = 50% Full Time = 50% Full Time = 50% 150%
Full Time = 50% Full Time = 50% Half Time = 25% 125%
Full Time = 50% Full Time = 50% Less than Half Time - Not eligible for disbursement 100%
Half Time = 25% Half Time = 25% Half Time = 25% 75%


Important disbursement informaion 

Remedial Courses 

The Financial Aid Office will only pay for up to 30 units of remedial classes.

Course Repeats

Students may only receive federal financial aid funding for one repetition of a previously passed course (A, B, C, D, P). Exclusions apply please see the financial aid office for details. 

Be Aware of Lifetime Pell Grant Limits or Lifetime Eligibility Used (LEU)


For further information please contact the Financial Aid office at (562) 860-2451 Ext. 2397 or e-mail us at