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  • Assists the District in the development and implementation of the District’s Equal Employment Opportunity Plan which include: the Nondiscrimination Complaint Procedures and the District’s Equal Employment Opportunity Plan as governed by Title 5.
  • Develops and implements College Diversity Plan.
  • Reviews training procedures for participants and those serving as monitors on hiring selection committees and ensures that training is provided.
  • Assists in promoting and supporting equal employment and nondiscrimination policies and procedures.
  • Receives training by the Diversity Officer in all aspects of the EEO Plan.
  • Reviews the District’s EEO and diversity recruiting efforts, programs, policies and progress at least quarterly.
  • Makes appropriate recommendations, as necessary, to the Board of Trustees, the College President, and the  ice President of Human Resources/Assistant Superintendent regarding diversity and equal employment opportunity
    programs, policies, and procedures.
  • Monitors trends and practices on issues within the committee’s scope and communicates them to the college.


  • Partnering with Student Equity Committee to develop mission and not overlap.
  • Recreating the diversity certificate program.
  • Re-imagining the hiring/selection process.
  • Provide training and professional development activities to employees to promote awareness and understanding. of diversity issues.
  • Create and maintain diversity events to promote awareness and knowledge.

highlighted works and collaborations

Statement of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Diversity Action Plan

2020:Equal Employment Opportunity Plan
          Adopted by the Board: June 3, 2020

2017: Equal Employment Opportunity Plan
          Adopted by the Board: May 3, 2017

2014:Equal Employment Opportunity Plan
          Adopted by the Board: May 21, 2014

2014:Cerritos College Diversity Plan

Committee Members

(Quorum is 5)

Member Constituency Group Term(s)
Dr. Mercedes Gutierrez Administration -
Erin Miles Administration -
Dr. Elizabeth Miller ACCME 2019-2020; 2021-2022
Jaime Quiroz ACCME 2021-2022; 2023-2024
Erin Cole CCFF 2021-2022
Hugh Nguyen Confidential 2019-2020
Amna Jara CSEA 2020-2021
Kathy Hogue CSEA 2020-2021
Timothy Juntilla Faculty Senate 2018-2019
Lydia Alvarez Faculty Senate 2019-2020
Jayani Devkota Student from ASCC 2019-2020

Agenda and Minutes

In January 2020, Cerritos College transitioned to BoardDocs to distribute DEEOAC materials.

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