Celebrating Cerritos College

Creating a Culture of Respect

  • Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Heritage Awareness Week [APIDA] (January)
  • Black History Month (February)
  • Festival of Asian Cultures (April)
  • Hispanic Heritage Month (September/October)
  • International Education Week (November)
  • LGBTQ History Month (October)
  • Safe Zone Lunch and Learn Series Spring/Fall
  • Student Safe Zone Spring/Fall
  • Take Back the Night/Denim Day (April)
  • Undocumented Students/AB 540 Ally Training
  • Universal Design for Learning
  • Veteran’s Week (November)
  • VetNet Ally Awareness Seminar (May/October)
  • Women’s History Month (March)

Applications will be scored using the DEEOAC Grant Application Scoring Rubric available here: Scoring Rubric

Diversity Certificate Purpose

The Diversity Certificate exists to create educational, professional development, and training opportunities to raise awareness of and build skills in: social identities and prevalent diversity issues, as well as advocacy, problem solving, cross-cultural empathy, leadership, and understanding. It aligns with the Diversity and EEO Plans and provides opportunities to self-reflect, explore personal biases and cultural influences, and to apply these skills to an individual’s own role at Cerritos College.

Diversity Certificate Cause

To Diversity Certificate exists to advance the College’s EEO and Diversity Plan to foster a campus culture in which all member of the community, (1) feel safe, respected and valued; (2) are invited to participate fully, sharing their unique gifts, talents and backgrounds; (3) increasingly recognize the value of perspectives that differ from their own; and (4) understand that diversity and inclusion are key priorities of the College as stated in the Cerritos College Mission.

Level I Awareness- Promotes self-reflection, raises awareness, and explores the fundamentals of diversity and inclusion 

  1. Culture of Respect
  2. Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning/Implicit Bias (w/self-assessment)
  3. 2 modules of Culturally Responsive teaching and learning or an approved workshop, event, or opportunity that provides attendees an opportunity to explore or become aware of sociopolitical, political, and/or economic diversity of the human experience at local, regional, or global levels; the experience should enable attendees to develop a fundamental understanding of the complexities of living in increasingly diverse and interconnected societies.

Level II Advance: Strengthen skills through gaining knowledge and understanding of nuanced diversity and inclusion issues

  1. Chose any two of the following: Safe Zone, Vet Net Ally Training, DSPS Learning Series, AB540 Ally
  2. Brown Bag/Diversity Dialogue
  3. Any approved workshop, event, or opportunity that encourages critical or creative thinking, analysis, research about or understanding of people, and institutions in different communities and cultures, including, but not limited to: cross- cultural analysis, communication, or leadership’ historical and contemporary inequities such as those associated with race, ethnicity, class, sex, and/or gender, sexual orientation, nationality, ability, religion, creed, age, and socioeconomic status; power, inequality, marginality, and social movements, and support effective cross-cultural communication skills.

Level III Application: Provides a concrete opportunity to implement an impactful diversity and inclusion initiative.

  1. Diversity Action Project Incubator (Starting Fall 2018)
  2. FIG
  3. Mentorship

Each training is good for 2 years (then you must retake it)

Certificate recipients will be honored at the annual awards banquet and will give 2-3 minute statements about what they learned through the certificate program