Faculty Professional Development Committee

Our mission is to collaborate with the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTX) as an advisory committee to enhance and sustain professional learning opportunities, resources and programs for faculty members at Cerritos College.

Purpose of this committee:

  • Develops professional learning opportunities for faculty, including acting as the Flex Coordinating Committee
  • Recommends information for faculty resources to the CTX
  • Provides input, advice, and recommendations on topics and schedule of training for New Faculty Orientation Program, Mentor Program, TA Program, and other initiatives, as appropriate.
  • Monitors faculty professional development trends and practices

For more information about the Faculty Professional Development Committee, please review the Cerritos College Shared Governance Booklet (Pg. 48).


  1. Encourage the adoption of policies and procedures that will facilitate faculty professional development (C1).
  2. Expand awareness among faculty of available professional development opportunities (C3).
  3. Facilitate the creation of professional development opportunities meant to help our faculty – and, by extension, our students – meet the overall educational goals of Cerritos College (C4).
  4. Facilitate the creation of professional development events that encourage the strengthening of an equity mindset as well as foster a culture of respect that reflects the college’s commitment to diversity and inclusion (A1 and A8).
  5. Advocate for the college to hire the position of Instructional Technology Designer to assist faculty with best practices for designing online courses, including technical standards for accessibility (E3).