Professional Development Award

2023 Winner for Outstanding Contributor to Professional Development: Kimberly Rosenfeld

The Center for Teaching Excellence (CTX) will present an annual award to at least one "Outstanding Contributor to Professional Development." Thank you for taking the time to nominate your colleagues for their outstanding contributions to professional development at Cerritos College.

Who is eligible?

Any employee of Cerritos College who has made outstanding contributions to the ongoing growth of professional development.


Nominee(s) have made outstanding contributions to professional development at Cerritos College.
Examples of outstanding contributions to the college community may include but are not limited to:

  • Develops new professional development opportunities
  • Promotes professional growth throughout the campus community
  • Supports colleagues outside of professional development events
  • Embodies the meaning of professional development


All nominations must be submitted by February 05. Nominations submitted after the deadline will instead be presented to the Faculty Professional Development Committee for consideration during the next academic year.

Guidelines for Writing a Nomination:

Please provide a detailed description of why you think the nominee has earned the honor of becoming the “CTX Outstanding Contributor to Professional Development.”

Provide specific examples of how the nominee(s) have contributed to the success of professional development at Cerritos College.

The Faculty Professional Development Committee will review all nominations and may seek additional information in writing from the person making the nomination.

All nominators will remain anonymous.

Nominee(s) Information:



Nominator Information:

Additional Information:

Does this individual(s) embody professional development?    
Does this individual(s) promote a positive outlook to the continuing learning of professional development?    
Does this individual(s) volunteer for off-campus professional development organizations?    
Does this individual(s) continue to support colleagues outside of events?    
Does this individual(s) develop new or improved teaching techniques (Pedagogy)?    


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