Free Reading Apprenticeship Workshop


The San Diego region is also having a Reading Apprenticeship workshop (see attached flyer). Lisa Brewster, 3CSN coordinator for that region asks that we share this opportunity with our campus faculty.

3CSN is starting a new fall. This is the first workshop in a series to be offered.
For those of you not familiar with Reading Apprenticeship it is a national program. A quote from the website-

When secondary and college students don't read with understanding, or avoid reading academic texts altogether, what can help?
Reading Apprenticeship draws on teachers' untapped expertise as discipline-based readers and on students' untapped strengths as learners.
The result is a research-based, research-tested partnership that benefits students and teachers alike.
Randomized controlled studies have shown that with Reading Apprenticeship,

  • Teachers increase the effectiveness of their disciplinary teaching.
  • Students build both reading and subject area competence.
  • Students gain the dispositions to engage, problem solve, and persevere when faced with challenging academic texts.

To register click on the following link

Want to know more about Reading Apprenticeship- visit