Teaching iFALCON

As Cerritos College faculty develop strategies for integrating iFALCON into their classes, we'll add those resources to this page. Below are tools and activities that you can download and revise for use in your own classes. Please share your ideas and successes with us!

iFALCON Syllabus Template

Want a quick and easy model to build a syllabus around that already includes the 6 habits of mind? Click on the link below to download the syllabus template. Modify it as best fits your classes, or use it as a model for making these relatively minor (but very important) revisions to your existing syllabi.

word doc downloadDownload the syllabus template in Microsoft Word (97-2003 and Vista compatible)

Class Expectations Guide

pdf downloadDownload the Class Expectations Guide in PDF format

Integrating iFALCON Into a Class Project or Assignment

When we faculty instruct students on how to complete an assignment effectively, we're talking iFALCON--even if we don't always the language tied to the campaign. One way to integrate the iFALCON campaign into your course is to revise an existing assignment (or create a new one) to integrate the language of the 6 habits of mind, helping students recognize how practicing iFALCON is really about being successful in your course. Below is an example of an assignment created by Steve Clifford for his 200-level English survey courses. Feel free to use it as a template for ways to modify one of your assignments. As we gather other examples from Cerritos faculty, we'll share those with you, as well--and be sure to share your examples with us at ifalcon@cerritos.edu!

word doc downloadDownload essay assignment example in Microsoft Word

pdf downloadDownload essay assignment example in pdf format