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How to Start a Club

How to Start a Club

First things first...
You will need to activate your FalconSync account. If you have not yet activated account, you can easily do so with a few simple steps:

  1. Visit FalconSync
  2. Log in with your Cerritos College student ID number and date of birth (MMDDYYYY).
  3. Create your profile.

Let's Get Started
Step 1: 
Once your FalconSync profile has been activated, go to the Organizations section to ensure a club with the same purpose or idea isn't already in place.

Step 2:
Get at a full time member of the College Faculty, Staff or Manager to serve as the advisor of your club. Part time employees may serve as additional advisors.

Step 3:
Go on FalconSync and register a new organization with your new club name. Registration is found in the Organizations section (left side of window). 

Fill out the form completely and answer all the questions that are asked.  Please ensure that the club meeting schedule meets the needs of the advisors and club officers before submitting the room request form to Student Activities. Changes will not be made to a club meeting schedule once the form has been submitted to Student Activities.

Be prepared to submit the following information:
    Full Club/Organization Name
    Club Description
    Selection Process/Membership Requirements
    Meeting Day & Time
    Meeting Schedule
    Meeting Location
    Club’s Social Media Info (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
    Club Officer Info
    Club Advisor’s Information
    Club Constitution 
    Club Roster (roster must include a minimum of 10 current students)

Step 4:
Call an organizational meeting of interested students.  Draft a constitution and by-laws.

Step 5:
Hold regularly scheduled meetings to complete the organization of the club.  Schedule a meeting for the adoption of the constitution. The club must submit the minutes and an official vote form to keep on file in the Office of Student Activities once the constitution has been adopted. Hard copies of these documents can be submitted to the Office of Student Activities.

Step 6:
Upload the club/organization's constitution to the FalconSync registration form. Deadline for all clubs to submit their paperwork to be official are as follows:

i.     Fall – Friday, September 20, before Noon.
ii.    Spring – Thursday, February 13, before Noon.

Step 7:
When the above steps have been completed the Office of Student Activities will notify the Club Advisor and Club President (if one is in place) to advise them that the club is official.

Important Things To Consider When Starting Your Club:

  • Club is only official on an academic year basis.
  • Clear through the Commissioner of Public Relations (located in the Student Activities club room) all publicity that is to be handed out for your club.  Example: posters, flyers, newspaper advertisements and newsletters.
  • The newly chartered club is expected to comply with all established rules and regulations as set down by the Office of Student Activities.
  • Your elected I.C.C. representative shall attend all meetings of I.C.C.  See schedule for I.C.C. meetings under the calendar of events on FalconSync


To access the club forms that you may need, please refer to the "Forms" portal located on FalconSync. 


For information regarding Student Activities clubs and programs, please call (562) 860-2451, ext. 2474 or 2475.

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