ASCC Legislation

ASCC Legislation

Senate Bills

SB-2122-01 Funding Sociology Club Events Fall 2021
SB-2122-02 Student Representation Stipend Program
SB-2122-03 Student Activities Fee Increase to Support Transportation Initiative 
SB-2122-04 Falcon Leadership Institute Funding Request
SB-2122-05 Falcon Games Funding Request
SB-2122-06 Fall Awards Plaques Funding Request
SB-2122-07 Commencement 2022 Supplemental Funding Request
SB-2122-08 Phy Beta Lambda 2022 State Leadership Conference 
SB-2122-09 Esports Funding Request
SB-2122-10 YSCC Funding Request for End of Semester Meeting
SB-2122-11 Funding for In Production Club trip to Academy Museum
SB-2223-01 Funding for NASA Desert RATS Opportunity
SB-2223-02 Funding for Music Department
SB-2223-03 Funding for PTA Pinning Ceremony
SB-2223-04 BEC and Umoja Funding Request 
SB-2223-05 Funding for Model United Nations UCLA Conference
SB-2324-01 Updating Legal Absences to Include Jury and Military Duty
SB-2324-02 Updating Bylaws to Change Serve Time in ASCC
SB-2324-03 Legislation Funding of the Humanitarian Club
SB-2324-04 BEC-Umoja Black Grad Funding Request
SB-2324-05 Additional Funding for Commencement
SB-2324-08 Funding for UndocuLEADERS NCORE Conference

Senate Resolutions

SR-2122-01 Supporting the Cerritos College Faculty Federaion Demand for Equitable Raises
SR-2223-01 Safe Parking at Night Act
SR-2223-02 Rise Up in Athletics Act: Gender Neutral Locker Rooms
SR-2223-03 Paper Recycling Program Act
SR-2324-01 Stance of Support CCFF Comprehensive Healthcare

Joint Legislations

JL-2122-04 Amending the Bylaws to Correct Gramatical Issues
JL-2122-10 Indicating Joint Resolutions on a Separate Tracker
JL-2122-11 Establishing the Direction of the Associated Students of Cerritos College
JL-2122-12 Funding Student Attendance at 2022 NALA Conference & Expo
JL-2223-01 Cerritos College Paperwork Reduction Act (Postponed Indefinitely)
JL-2223-02 Student Government Handbook Enactment Act 
JL-2223-03 ASCC Publications Act
JL-2223-04 Encouraging Working Student ASCC Participation
JL-2223-05 Fixing the CCSA Fee Bylaws Contradiction
JL-2223-06 2023-2024 ASCC Budget

Joint Resolutions

JR-2122-02 Opposing the Usage of Proctorio for Proctoring Exams at Cerritos College
JR-2122-03 Condemning Caste-Based Discrimination and Supporting Caste-Based Protections
JR-2122-05 Supporting the Usage of Open-Source Software by Students
JR-2122-06 Requesting Faculty Avoid Last Minute Assignments and Syllabi Changes
JR-2122-07 Requesting Open Syllabi from Faculty
JR-2122-08 Supporting Preferred Name Usage Across Cerritos College
JR-2122-09 Supporting Anti-Doxxing Procedures at Cerritos College
JR-2223-01 Empowering ASCC to Advocate for Legislation
JR-2223-03 Providing ASCC Positions for the 2022 General Election
JR-2223-04 Supporting Gender Neutral Bathrooms at Cerritos College 
JR-2223-05 Reaffirming Student Rights and ASCC Resolutions
JR-2223-06 Supporting Free Menstrual Products in College Restrooms
JR-2223-07 Supporting the Formation of a Meditation Room
JR-2223-08 Supporting Reform of the Success Center
JR-2223-09 Opposing S.686 to Protect Privacy and Security
JR-2223-10 Paper Recycling Program Act
JR-2223-11 Supporting Faculty Demands on Staff-Faculty Dual Roles 
JR-2223-12 Supporting Improvements to Campus Networks
JR-2324-01 Removal of Plastic Turf on Campus
JR-2324-02 Student Health Services Fee Increase