ASCC Elections

The Associated Student of Cerritos College holds elections twice a year. In fall elections are open for those interested in running for one of the 26 Senator seats within our student Senate. In spring elections are held for those interested in becoming ASCC President, Vice President, and/or Cerritos College Student Trustee. 

The Spring 2024 Election for the

Below are the results!

2024-2025 ASCC President & Vice President:

Ballot #1 Dante Gaffield & Jose Hernandez

"As President and Vice President, we aim to address student needs conscientiously. Our focus is set on preserving the voice of the students and providing them with equitable opportunities. Our experience in student government has provided us with the skills to effectively lead the student body. By voting for us, you ensure the concerns of the students are prioritized and placed at the front of the line every single time."


2024-2025 Student Trustee:

Ballot #4 Cathy Le

"I desire to hold this office as a student trustee because every student's opinion matters. All opinions stem from issues students are dealing with that may get in the way of their education. When we value all issues, we create inclusivity and security for everyone. I qualify to hold this office because I am a passionate listener and I love interacting with others. An important aspect of becoming a student trustee is being willing to connect with our peers. Students, most of the time, won't voice their concerns or problems unless we ask. And it's not only our peers, but also other members of the student trustee because when we put our ideas and work together, we progress forward more efficiently. During my volunteering at the Falcon's Nest and CSUDH Urban Farm, I learned to engage in teamwork with my co-workers while also communicating our ideas and needs to help us finish tasks quicker and quickly solve problems. Through this, I also create positive relationships with them. As a student trustee candidate, my strength and past experience of collaborative teamwork, interactive social skills and active listening, I believe I qualify in being a member of the student trustee board."

ASCC President/Vice President

Ballot #1 Dante Gaffield & Jose Hernandez
Votes: 67 Verified Votes: 61 Elected

Ballot #2 Ashley Yim & Vanity Teng
Votes: 31 Verified Votes: 27

Ballot #3 Christian Alfaro & Airad Reyes
Votes: 26 Verified Votes: 24

Ballot #4 Elvin Garcia & Robert Renteria
Votes: 55 Verified Votes: 44

Ballot #5 Matthew Sanchez & Thomas Odhiambo
Votes: 55 Verified Votes: 47 

Student Trustee 

Ballot #1 Anahi Ochoa
Votes: 58 Verified Votes: 51

Ballot #2 Jacob Poliquin Hernandez
Votes: 29 Verified Votes: 26

Ballot #3 Emily Ortiz
Votes: 64 Verified Votes: 49

Ballot #4 Cathy Le
Votes: 73 Verified Votes: 68 Elected