ASCC Elections

The Associated Student of Cerritos College holds elections twice a year. In fall elections are open for those interested in running for one of the 26 Senator seats within our student Senate. In spring elections are held for those interested in becoming ASCC President, Vice President, and/or Cerritos College Student Trustee. 

2023-2024 ASCC President and Vice President

Ballot #2

Saige Frausto & Selma Dweik

"Throughout our academic journeys, we have always held a tender affinity towards serving and uplifting our community. Stepping forth into these roles of governance, we will dedicate ourselves to both represent and amplify the voices of our student population– doing beyond what is necessary of us to do so. It is through our platform that we tenaciously devote ourselves to service, to inclusivity, to advocacy, and most importantly, to unity."


Cerritos College student Trustee

Ballot #1

Jacki Stone Scott

"I am pursuing the role of Student Trustee because I value student involvement and satisfaction at Cerritos College. I am very happy with my experience at Cerritos, and most of my participation on campus came from others going out of their way to include me. I want to not only encourage others to get involved, but make sure they get the most out of their time at Cerritos College. I have the grades, time, and experience in ASCC to hold this position with dignity and honor."


Only votes from current Cerritos College students who have paid the Spring 2023 Cerritos College Student Activities fee will be count. The write-in candidate field is only for those not on the ballot. 

Election events have concluded.

Ballot Numbers and Candidiate Names

ASCC President & Vice President Candidates

Ballot #1
President: Christabelle Garcia
Vice President: Jorge Diaz

Ballot #2
President: Saige Frausto
Vice President: Selma Dweik

Cerritos College Student Trustee Candidates

Ballot #1
Jacki Stone Scott

Ballot #2
Sarah Orellana

Ballot #3
Nimsi Murillo

ASCC President & Vice President
Ballot #1 President: Christabelle Garcia Vice President: Jorge Diaz
Votes: 247  Verified Votes: 196

Ballot #2 President: Saige Frausto Vice President: Selma Dweik
Votes: 240  Verified Votes: 200 - ELECTED

Student Trustee
Ballot #1 Jacki Stone Scott   Votes: 249 - ELECTED
Ballot #2 Sarah Orellana     Votes: 15
Ballot #3 Nimsi Murillo        Votes: 219

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