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ASCC President/Vice President and Student Trustee Elections 


Thank you to all who participated in the 2020-2021 ASCC President/Vice President and Cerritos College Student Trustee Elections.

2020-2021 Elections Results 

ASCC President and Vice President Results

Ballot # 1 Christian Pena for ASCC President, Leslie Mbara for ASCC Vice President Results: 46

Ballot # 2 Valery Escobar for ASCC President, Armando Avila for ASCC Vice President Results: 61

Ballot # 3 Stephanie Jo Marquez for ASCC President, Leslie Gonzalez for ASCC Vice President Results: 16

Congratulations, ASCC President-Elect Valery Escobar and ASCC Vice President-Elect Armando Avila.


Cerritos College Student Trustee Results 

Ballot # 1 Valery Escobar Results:57

Ballot # 2 Rebekah Montes de Oca Results:30

Ballot # 3 Johnny Wallace Jr. Results:67

Congratulations, Cerritos College Student Trustee-Elect Johnny Wallace.

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