Campus Clubs and Organizations

Students are encouraged to participate in campus clubs and organizations. Cerritos College offers a variety of clubs and organizations for every phase of campus life. Approximately thirty clubs have the potential of involving 25,000 students in campus activities. These clubs provide opportunities for students in social service, curricular, and special interest programs.

Our clubs and organizations continue to grow in our college community, with new clubs appearing each year.

ICC Constitution

 2023-2024 CLUB GUIDE
Students at various club events

How to join a club

1. Login to the Cerritos College FalconSync portal (you may have to activate your profile)
2. Sign-in with your 7-digit student ID # and your birthday (MM/DD/YYYY)
3. Select the "Organizations" tab to view active clubs
4. Scroll through the clubs or click on the "search organizations" bar 
5.Click on the club of your choice and  select  "Join"




Spring 2024 ICC Meetings

For more information on official clubs and organizations, please contact us at .