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ASCC court/Election Board

ASCC Court hears cases pertaining to matters related to the student constitution, governing documents, and internal conflict resolution. In addition to settling disputes, it is charged with the responsibility of organizing, supervising, operating and certifying all student body elections through formation of Elections Board. The Court is appointed by the ASCC President and confirmed by the ASCC Senate.

Court Positions:

  • Chief Justice leads the ASCC Court as Chairperson.
  • The Chief Justice Pro-Tempore serves as the Vice Chairperson.
    • Note: The Chief Justice Pro-Tempore is elected from one of the eight (8) Associate Justices.
  • Court Clerk assists with keeping records of meetings.
  • Up to eight (8) Associate Justices.

The Chief Justice of the Court is appointed by ASCC President and confirmed by ASCC Senate for one (1) – year term to mirror ASCC President/ Vice President elected year.

An Associate Justice of the Court is appointed by ASCC President and confirmed by ASCC Senate for a maximum of six (6) – semester terms. Associate Justices have tenure for a maximum of six (6) – semester terms while meeting eligibility.

From ASCC Court to ASCC Election Board 

This branch turns into the Election Board twice a year. The main duties of the Election Board are to determine and oversea necessary procedures, protocols, and guidelines to all campus-wide student elections. Specific elections overseen are ASCC Senate Elections, ASCC Presidential/ Vice-Presidential and Student Trustee Elections, and Student Body Referendums and ASCC Amendments.

Applying for a court position

In order to qualify for a Court position, students must have:

  • A minimum of a 2.00 cumulative GPA.
  • Must maintain an enrollment of five (5) or more units of work at Cerritos College during their term in office.
  • Must have paid their student activities fee.

Eligible students are appointed by the Student Body President, approved by the Senate body, and must maintain a 2.0 GPA for the rest of their term.


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ASCC Chief Justice Application

ASCC Court Application

Bryce Trevino - Chief Justice

Jeremy- Ramos - Chief Justice Pro-Tempore

Sera Ghattas - Associate Justice

Armando Morales - Associate Justice 

Olivia Carson - Associate Justice 

Riley Milligan - Associate Justice 

Vanessa Ochoa - Associate Justice

2022-2023 Court MeetingS

Agendas and Minutes

The ASCC follows Federal and State Laws, Local Ordinances, and Cerritos College Administrative and Board Policy including but not limited to California Brown Act. This requires all agendas of public meetings to be posted in accordance and all minutes of public meetings to be available in accordance as well. For access to previous agendas and minutes, go to Archived Court Meetings

If you would like to submit an agenda request item for ASCC Court to consider, please complete the Judicial Court Agenda Request form.

Archived Court Meetings

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