Student Programming Board

Program Overview 

Student Programming Board is a student led board that creates and coordinates events for the whole student body to enjoy. With the hope to promote a sense of community, to develop campus pride, and increase student involvement opportunities.


2023-2024 Student programming board application 


General Responsibilities for SPB Members:

All SPB Members are responsible for the following duties
  • Dedicate about 1-5 hours a week, which would include: coordinating an event, event support, event attendance and,bi-weekly team meetings.
  • Encourage students to attend and participate in events created by SPB.
  • Maintain records of all activities, including attendance, and financial expenses reports.
  • Maintain strong relationships with various campus departments.
  • Attend trainings, retreats, and leadership programs made available.
Eligibility Criteria:
  • Each member must maintain 2.0 GPA (semester and cumulative) 
  • Be enrolled in at least 3 units or more at Cerritos College 
  • Commit to the entire academic year
  • Be able to attend mandatory fall training sessions and meetings 
  • Be in good standing with the Cerritos College

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email Esme Murillo our Student Event Specialist at

Board Chair - Jorge Diaz
Vice Chair - Barbra Bispango
Marketing Director - Natalie Bedoya
Core Events Director - Sara Morales
Member - Jeremy Ramos

Vacant Positions: 

Public Relations Director
Special Events Director

Board Chair & Vice Chair

This position will have the ability to chair the board and help keep the group together. This position will:

  • Help prepare meeting agendas and minutes with the advisors help.
  • Maintain the google drive with all documents.
  • Empower strong relationships between Board members by organizing bi-weekly bonding times.
  • Ensure that the Board's event schedule is up to date.
  • Reinforce the board by being a helpful partner in their event planning brainstorms.
  • Plan the Board's fall gathering and Year-End celebration.

Marketing Director

These positions seek to engage students through meaningful designs on many different media platforms. These positions will:

  • Design all Board promotional materials including fliers, posters, banners, t-shirts, and programs.
  • Develop graphics for the monthly Student Life Calendar by working closely with professional staff.
  • Work with the Public Relations board members and empower each other to brainstorm ways to reach out to the student body through responsible advertising.
  • Assist in the creation of various Board office materials.
  • Work with other Board Members to bring their event ideas for marketing and design to life.

Public Relations Director

These positions are responsible for reaching out to students and letting them know about all the events created by the Board. These positions will:

  • Create and execute creative promotional campaigns for all of the student programming board events.
  • Utilize and maintain social media to connect with students.
  • Utilize traditional forms of marketing and advertising.
  • Responsible for posting posters, passing out flyers, promoting events.
  • Responsible for taking down flyers and putting away A-frames.
  • Maintain relationships with different departments on campus, including Student Government.
  • Coordinate "Thank You" notes and other acknowledgments of appreciation.
  • Take photographs and videos at events to post to social media and for archiving purposes.

Core and Special Events Directors

These positions are responsible for the small and large-scale events produced by the Board.

  • Create and design small- and large-scale events such as Let’s Talk Series, Art Corner, Self-Care, Game Nights... Etc.
  • Keep a budget for each event.
  • Engage other members by providing leadership, guidance, and direction and utilize each team member's strengths to complete an event.
  • Collaborate with other departments in developing traditional events that show case the Cerritos College community.

Arts and Entertainment

Traditions and Spirit

Health Wellness

Cultural and Heritage

Student Equity and Advocacy

Event Management

Universal Accessible Events – SAS


Assessment and Evaluation

Marketing and Branding

Cultivating a Sense of Belonging

Event Support

Fiscal Management

Staff & Volunteer Management

Recruitment and Retention