ASCC Student Government


  • Represent your student body and get compensated
  • Represent and be a voice for your fellow students
  • Play a vital role in decision making for the campus
  • Build a network of student leaders
  • Collaborate with faculty, staff and administrators on campus
  • Develop Parlimentary Procedure skills
  • Gain leadership experience
  • Practice public speaking
  • Make life-long friends!

Branches You Can Serve In

  • Serve as an advisor to the Student Body President
  • Create and implement Campus Events
  • Conduct Student Outreach
  • Oversee the ASCC Budget
  • Cabinet positions are appointed by the Student Body President
  • Meets every Monday at 2 pm
  • ASCC Cabinet Application 2023-2024
  • Serve as an advisor to the Chief Justice
  • Help Interpret the ASCC Constitution and By-Laws
  • Oversee the student body elections
  • Associated Justices are appointed by the Student Body President
  • Meets every Tuesday at 11 am
  • ASCC Court Application 2023-2024
  • Create initiatives through legislation that benefits students
  • Actively discuss and debate proposals 
  • Approve requests of the Associated Students
  • Amend and approve the ASCC Budget
  • Senator seats are elected in the Fall semester
  • Meets every Wednesday at 2pm
  • ASCC Senate Application 2023-2024

Constitution of the associated students of cerritos college

Can't join student government, but want to make a difference? Join a campus committee today!  
If you want to get involved but are unable to join one of the branches above, you might want to consider working with a campus wide committee. The Student Body President appoints students to several on-campus committees that meet throughout the year, at different days and times.

Requirements to be on a committee include:

  • A minimum of a 2.00 cumulative GPA.
  • Must maintain an enrollment of five (5) or more units of work at Cerritos College during their term in office.
  • Must have paid student activities fee.

For more information on student government or the different committees available, contact the current Student Body President Saige Frausto at  .