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Associated Students of Cerritos College (ASCC) are students who have paid the Cerritos College Student Activities Fee (CCSA). ASCC fosters student success through leadership development, academic excellence and student life. 

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The ASCC is the official voice for the students at Cerritos College, and represents students in all District decision-making processes. The ASCC is comprised of three branches – the Cabinet, Court, and Senate.
The ASCC President and Vice President are elected annually by the student body, and the ASCC Chief Justice is appointed by the ASCC President. These are executive leadership positions within Student Government (ASCC). Prior ASCC experience recommended.

This branch of government advises the student body President, creates and implements campus events, conducts student outreach, and serves as liaisons to departments on campus. Students can apply for Director positions for one of 10 of interest areas, such as Athletics, Student Services, Inter-Club Council, Sustainability, etc. For more information visit  ASCC Cabinet page.

ASCC Cabinet meets every Monday from 2 p.m. Questions about the positions, please contact Dante Gaffield (current ASCC President) via email at

This branch of government create initiatives through legislation that benefits students, discusses and debates proposals, and amends and approves the annual ASCC budget. For more information visit  ASCC Senate page.

ASCC Senate meets every Wednesday from 2 p.m. Questions about the positions, please email

Within ASCC Senate there are officer roles available to Senators: Clerk, Majority Leader, Minority Leader, Party Whip, Pro Tempore, Sergeant of Arms, and Faculty Senate Liaison. There are also sub-committees for Senators to chair, and/or serve on: Appropriations, Health & Safety, Rules & Administration, and Special Services and Activities. 

This branch of government interprets the ASCC Constitution and By-laws, oversees student body elections, and discusses civic engagement and student rights. For more information visit  ASCC Court page.

ASCC Court meets every Tuesday from 11 a.m. Questions about the positions, please contact Serafina Chun, current Chief Justice via email at

Shared Governance committees are campus-wide groups focused on specific topics, such as Art in Public Spaces, Enrollment Management, Facilities Planning, Student Life, etc. The student voice is critical, and students may volunteer to represent the student body by serving on these committees. For a full list of Committees please visit the Shared Governance website. To express interest in serving on a committee email

All students are encouraged to join a club or student organization, it is the perfect way to start out your involvement journey. There are typically 60+ clubs to choose from, focused on areas such as social service, honor societies, academic programs, and special interest. The current club list and information on joining a club can be found on Campus Clubs and Organizations page.  
For student in clubs or organizations, take the next leadership step and serve as an officer within the organization.  Typical positions include President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.  Check in with your club advisor about steps to increase your involvement!
The FLI is a leadership certificate program that aims to help student develop and enhance their leadership skills. Information on the 5-workshop program is available on the Falcon Leadership Institute page.
The ASCC Leadership Retreat is a multi-day conference that aims to enhance student’s understanding of leadership, social justice, and intra/inter-personal skills and abilities.
SPB is a student group that creates events for the student body related to arts/entertainment, school spirit & traditions, health & wellness, culture & heritage, and student equity & advocacy. Additional information and the application to join is on the Student Programming Board page.
The Student Trustee is a member of the District Board of Trustees, and represents the student voice within the Board. This is a critical position to advancing the needs of current students to the governing Board. This is an elected position by the student body, and their term is one academic year. Applications to run for Student Trustee open each March, and information can be found on the Student Elections page.

All management positions at Cerritos College are required to have a student representative sit on the hiring committee. This is a great way to learn about and participate in the hiring process, from application to interviews. To express interest in serving on a committee email


The ASCC, as a responsive, student-centered organization, provides excellence, in leadership and professional development for the diverse community of Cerritos College by conveying high quality services, programs, products, and facilities.

ASCC fosters student success through leadership development, academic excellence and student life.

The Associate Students of Cerritos College (ASCC) was established in 1956 at Excelsior High School which was then the temporary location of Cerritos College.

The beginning of student government for Cerritos College was founded by a group of students who took the initiative in improving the new college. The student leaders established official school colors, the campus mascot, and the first official student body organization (ASCC).

The formation of the student body organization has become beneficial to the many students enrolled at Cerritos College. Some of those successes have led to the organization of clubs, department programs, and the leadership of many committed Cerritos College students.



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