Pass/No Pass

Title 5, California Administrative Code, permits the granting of credit toward a degree or certificate for courses completed on a Pass/No Pass basis. Courses may be offered in either or both of the following categories, and this option will be identified in the college catalog. 

courses with non-Optional pass/no pass

Courses in which all students are evaluated on a “pass/no pass” basis.

courses with Optional pass/no pass

Courses in which each student may elect on registration, or no later than the last day of instruction for the specific class session for which the student is enrolled as published in the college’s class schedule, to take the course on a “pass/no pass” basis.

A student electing to be evaluated on the “pass/no pass” basis will receive both course credit and unit credit upon satisfactory completion of the course. In computing a student's grade-point average, grades of “pass/no pass” are omitted; however, units attempted for which a student earns a grade of “NP” will be considered in probation or dismissal determinations. A pass grade is granted for performance that is equivalent to the letter grade of "C" or better. A student who fails to perform satisfactorily will be assigned a "no pass” grade. 

The student is held responsible for all assignments and examinations required in the course. The standards of evaluation are identical for all students in the course.

To learn which courses are Optional Pass/No Pass please visit the college catalog.

Eligibility for Pass/No Pass Courses

  • Pass/No Pass courses are listed below. 
  • Cumulative 2.0 grade point average in all college units attempted.
  • No more than two Pass/No Pass courses per semester.
  • Approved list of Pass/No Pass courses. The list is available in the Counseling Office and in the Schedule of Classes.
  • No more than fifteen (15) units of Pass/No Pass courses can be completed.
  • No more than fifteen (15) units earned for Pass/No Pass can be applied toward an AA degree.
  • There is no provision for rescinding an approved petition for Pass/No Pass.

list of pass/no pass courses