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Credit-No Credit Courses

Title 5, California Administrative Code, permits the granting of credit toward a degree or certificate for courses completed on a credit/no-credit basis.


These courses receive Credit or No Credit. The Schedule of Classes lists these courses. Units earned will not be considered part of the 15-unit limit in the Optional Credit/No Credit policy.


If you would like to try a course, try taking a Credit/No Credit class to explore your options. Each department lists these classes. Units will count toward an AA degree, but will not factor into grade point average.

Credit/No Credit courses appear as "CR" on transcripts with units earned.

No grade points or "NC" with no units earned and no grade points. Units attempted for which "NC" is recorded are considered on probation and dismissal procedures. You can petition for an optional Credit/No Credit course through the Admissions & Records Office. The approval for such a class must be no later than the end of the first 30 percent of the term.

Only courses that are AA degree applicable may be placed on the optional course list by departments. "CR" or "NC" grades cannot be converted to a letter grade once an approval form has been filed in the Admissions & Records Office.

Eligibility for Credit/No-Credit Courses

  • Cumulative 2.0 grade point average in all college units attempted.
  • No more than two credit/no-credit courses per semester.
  • Approved list of Credit/No-Credit courses. The list is available in the Counseling Office and in the Schedule of Classes.
  • No more than fifteen (15) units of Credit/No Credit courses can be completed.
  • No more than fifteen (15) units earned for Credit/No Credit can be applied toward an AA degree.
  • There is no provision for rescinding an approved petition for Credit/No Credit.

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