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Refund Policies and Procedures

It is the student's responsibility to apply for a refund.  A student is eligible for a refund after classes have been officially dropped.  Classes must be dropped by the appropriate deadline for the session in order to be eligible for a refund.  Stated deadlines are not adjusted due to late enrollment.  See the “Calendar of Important Dates” for specific deadlines. 

A student is eligible for a refund if:  a) classes are dropped by the required deadline; b) the program change is the result of action taken by the college to cancel or reschedule a class; c) the student is dropped for failure to meet a prerequisite(s) or corequisite(s); and/or, d) the student is active or reserve U.S. Military personnel who withdraws due to military orders.

The above listed eligible students may file a petition with the district requesting refund of their enrollment fee(s).  A refund will not be processed if academic credit has been awarded for the class.  Refunds are not automatically processed. 

To request a refund, a student must come to the Admissions, Records & Services office and submit a refund request form.  The refund request form is also available online and can be mailed to the Admissions, Records & Services office.  Approved refunds will be mailed in approximately four to six weeks.  Be sure your current mailing address is on file with the college.

A check is the only form of payment that Cerritos College uses to issue refunds.  If a payment is made by credit card for any registration transaction, and you later drop any or all of your classes within the required refund period, we will NOT credit your credit card account.  All refunds checks are made payable to the student.

To request a refund, please fill out the Refund Request Form. Submit to

Fees & Refunds

  1. Enrollment Fee, Non-Resident Tuition, and Capital Outlay Fee will be refunded if a student has officially dropped within the appropriate deadline for the session. There are no exceptions.
  2. Student health, Student Activity, and Parking Feel will be refunded only if a student has officially dropped all classes before the term begins. The Student Activity Sticker and Parking Permit must be surrendered at the time the student applies for the refund. After classes begin, no refunds will be issued. There are no exceptions.

Refunds are made pursuant to the State of California Education Code, Section 58501 or 58501.1, for program changes made during the first two weeks of instruction for a primary term-length course (18 weeks) or by the ten percent point of the length of a short-term course (15 weeks, 9 weeks, 6 weeks, etc.) Example: 9 weeks class x 5 working days = 45 x 10% = 4.5 The result is rounded to allow 5 days to drop a class and be eligible for a refund.

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