Course Repetition

You have two attempts to complete a class. If both attempts are unsuccessful and you want to repeat the same class for the third time, submit a petition to the Academic Records and Standards Committee before enrolling in the semester. Petition forms are available in the Admissions & Records office or online.

Once the Committee approves your petition, you will be allowed to register for the class in person. Courses have repeatability limitations. Review the Catalog for the maximum repeat units available and a full description of requirements.

Exceptions to Course Repetition Limitations

An Academic Records and Standards petition must be filed for official consideration of certain repeat requests. Contact the Admissions, Records for directions.

  • A “MW” (Military Withdrawal).
  • A "EW" (Excused Withdrawal).
  • Previous grades are a result of documented circumstances beyond his/her control.
  • Cooperative work experience courses, per campus Administrative Procedures.
  • Certain activity or skill building courses, per campus Administrative Procedures.
  • Certain classes for students with disabilities subject to stated qualifications, as provided in College Administrative Procedures.
  • Repetition necessary for legally mandated training. Such courses can be repeated several times despite work performance. The grade received will be included for purposes of calculating grade point average.
  • Following a qualified significant lapse of time, per campus Administrative Procedures.

For more information on board policies, please visit the Board Policies and Administrative Procedures page.