Transfer Certification

Cerritos College can process two types of transfer certifications for undergraduate general education coursework: CSUGE Breadth & IGETC. The standard processing time for a transfer certification is 4-6 weeks. (Processing time may be extended during peak enrollment periods.)

To apply online either a CSUGE Breadth or an IGETC, please fill out and submit the following request form.

CSUGE Breadth

The California Administrative Code, Title 5, relating to the California State University general education-breadth requirements authorizes Cerritos College to present to the students a maximum 39-unit pattern of general education courses which is acceptable for the Bachelor Degree requirements at the California State University.
Cerritos College is further authorized to certify the partial or complete fulfillment of these requirements. College Level examination Program (CLEP) credit granted at Cerritos College will not be used to certify general education requirements for transfer.
Credits from international transcripts granted at Cerritos College will not be used to certify general education requirements for transfer. Students may elect to fulfill the general education requirements by following the Cerritos College pattern or the pattern specified by the State University of their choice.
Students in all major fields of study must complete the same pattern of general education requirements. It is strongly recommended that students complete as many units of these requirements as possible during their freshman and sophomore years at Cerritos College so that they can concentrate on major specialization in the upper division.
In general, four-year colleges accept at full unit value approved transfer courses completed with satisfactory grades in the public Community Colleges of the state. However, in most instances a maximum of 70 community college semester units (105 quarter units) can be transferred for credit toward a degree at the senior institution.
For more information please refer to the current Course Catalog.


The Intersegmental Committee of the Academic Senates approved the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) which was implemented Fall 1991. The IGETC is a series of courses that community college students can use to satisfy lower division general education requirements at any CSU or UC campus. The IGETC is intended to facilitate course planning and should appeal to students who want to keep their options open before making a final decision about transferring to a particular segment or campus. The IGETC will provide an option to the California State University General education requirements.
For Students Transferring to a UC Campus
In general, it is not advisable for transfers to engineering majors at any UC campus to use the IGETC. The IGETC option may also be inappropriate for transfers entering "high unit" majors such as those in the sciences having substantial lower division science and math prerequisites. It may be more appropriate to take courses that are a part of the general education or breadth requirements for the school or college on the UC campus to which a transfer is planned.

For Students Transferring to a CSU Campus

It is important to note that IGETC is an option for CSU bound students. IGETC requirements may be followed by both continuing and new students who plan to transfer to a California State University campus.
The Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum will permit a student to transfer from a California community college to a campus in either the California State University or the University of California system without the need, after transfer, to take additional lower-division general education courses to satisfy campus G.E. requirements.
Completion of the IGETC is not a requirement for transfer to a CSU or UC, nor is it the only way to fulfill the lower-division, general education requirements of the CSU or UC prior to transfer. Students may find it advantageous to take courses fulfilling CSU's general education requirements or those of a particular UC campus.
The course requirements for ALL areas must be completed Prior to transferring to the CSU or UC in order for the IGETC to be certified. However, beginning Fall 2000 a student may be partially certified if they are missing no more than 2 courses. See your counselor to determine eligibility for partial certification. All courses must be completed with a grade of "C" or higher. A student who has completed IGETC may have an official certification sent to a four-year institution upon written request by the student through the office of Admissions, records and Services.
For more information please refer to the current Course Catalog.

Acceptance of coursework from outside institutions:

Cerritos College requires official transcripts for all other colleges and universities that you have attended submitted prior to requesting a transfer certification. If you are requesting an IGETC and wish to use high school coursework to fulfill your language other than english requirement (LOTE) you may submit either official or unofficial transcripts.

Special Note on Out of State coursework:

If you are planning to use transcripts from out of state or private colleges and/or universities you may be required to submit additional information in addition to your official transcripts. (This includes but is not limited to: course description, course outline, and class syllabus.) Using out of state transcripts to fulfill your undergraduate coursework requirements may impact the processing time of your certification request.