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Forms Online

Student Forms

Note for online form submissions:
We encourage all students to submit all paperwork. Cerritos College would prefer that you use your Cerritos Student email for all submissions. 


A & S Petition: Use this form when you are repeating a course at the college for the 3rd time. Petition to the Academic Records & Standards Committee. Submit to

Academic Renewal: Petition for academic renewal. Submit to admissions-info

AB 540: Form to waive out of state tuition fees. For more information please check:

Audit Request: Form to audit a course for no credit. 

Change of Program Form: Add or Drop classes.

Change of Student Data Form: Change your demographic information in the system.

CLEP/Military Credit Request: Petition for CLEP or Military Credit to be applied to your official transcripts.

Consent Form: Consent for the release of student records to a third party. 

Course Repetition Form: Students who received a substandard grade at Cerritos College but received a passing grade at another college.

Credit by Examination for Articulated High School Course: Petition to have an articulated high school course count for college credit. 

Dual Enrollment Form: For minors that want to concurrently enroll at their middle/high school and Cerritos College

District Information for Dual Enrollment Program: Information for the districts that Dual Enrollment Students attend. Submit to

Enrollment Priority Appeal Petition: For appealing loss of enrollment priority and/or loss of BOGFW due to 100 or more degree-applicable units earned or Progress Probation for two consecutive terms or Academic Probation for two consecutive terms or a combination of Progress and Academic Probation for two consecutive terms, only. Submit to

Enrollment Verification: Verify your enrollment for various third parties. (Insurance, child care etc.)

Extenuating Circumstances Petition: Petition to receive a late withdrawal for documentable circumstances beyond your control as defined by California State Law.

Instructor Reinstatement: Reinstate a student that was dropped by the instructor.

Late Add Petition: Request to add a course after the term is in session.

Online Major Change Form: Online request to change your major plan of study.

Online Transfer Certification Request: Online request for your CSUGE or IGETC certification.

Pass/ No Pass Form: Select to take a class using a Pass or No Pass grading option.

Petition for Certificate of Achievement: Petition to graduate with a Certificate of Achievement.

Petition for Associate in Arts Degree: Petition to graduate with an Associate in Arts.

Petition for Associate in Arts Degree for Transfer: (AAT/AST) This degree pattern is articulated for transfer to the CSU system.

Petition for Readmission: Petition to be readmitted to the college after academic dismissal.

Preferred Name Change Form: Use a preferred name instead of your legal name for interactions with the College. Submit to

Refund Request Form: Request for a refund. Submit to

Request for approval of attendance adjustment (overlapping classes)

Requisite Clearance Form: Form to clear prerequisite classes that you have completed at another institution. 

Requisite Challenge Form Petition to challenge a prerequisite for a class.

Residency Reclassification Form: Request to have your residency status adjusted. Documentation is required.

Section Change Form: Swap course levels or sections within the same session.

Student Activities Fee Waiver: Waive your Student Activities Fee.

Student Representation Fee:Opt in or out of the Student Representation Fee.

Staff Forms

Cerritos Last Class Request: STAFF USE ONLY. To be completed by counselor. ED plan required.CSUGE Certification: STAFF USE ONLY. General Education Undergraduate Certification. 
IGETC Certification: STAFF USE ONLY. Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum Certification.
Matriculation Exemption & Exception Form: STAFF USE ONLY
Diploma Mail Out Request:STAFF USE ONLY. 
Credit By Exam: STAFF USE ONLY.
Course Substitution:STAFF USE ONLY.
Evaluation Request: STAFF USE ONLY. Request a transcript evaluation.
Petition for Certificate of Completion: Petition to graduate with a Certificate of Completion.
Application Correction Form: STAFF USE ONLY. Correct a errors on a student's application for AOC purposes.
Level Change: STAFF USE ONLY. Level change form with instructor permission.
Student ID Letter: STAFF USE ONLY. Notice of acceptance with Student ID number.
ID Letter, Missing Information: STAFF USE ONLY. Notice that a student's application cannot be processed due to an incomplete application.
AA & Certificate Correspondence: STAFF USE ONLY. Correspondence letter for the approval or denial of Associate in Arts or Certificate of Achievement petitions.
VA Ed Plan:STAFF USE ONLY. Educational plan for Veteran Students.

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