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Students are required to pay all fees at the time of enrollment. Payment plans are not available. Each enrollment in a class or add to a wait list for a class results in a fee amount due date. Students adding their names to wait lists will be charged the applicable enrollment fees, tuition, and applicable lab/materials fees. The amounts due will appear on the student account. Pay close attention to all debts listed for each transaction. Board of Governors Fee Waiver (BOGFW) students' course enrollment fees are waived; however all other fees, including but not limited to the student health fee, student activity fees and applicable lab/material fees, are due and payable at the time of enrollment.

Failure to Pay College Financial Obligations

Failure to pay college financial obligations may result in the withholding of grades, transcripts, diplomas, or registration privileges.

  • The failure by a student to pay a proper financial obligation due to the college or district may result in the withholding of grades, transcripts, diplomas, or registration privileges or any combination thereof.
  • All fees must be paid within 7 days. Failure to do so will result in a delinquent debt to the institution and a restrictive hold to your student account (transcripts, graduation and future enrollments will be stopped). If you drop a class and have not paid the fees, you are still responsible for the debt on your account.
  • The decision to withhold any of the above may be appealed to the president/superintendent or his/her designee.
  • The item or items being withheld shall be released when the student pays the financial obligation. (Education Code Section 72237)  


Students are expected to furnish all textbooks, supplies, and uniforms as needed for instruction. The materials may be purchased through the student store which is operated by the Associated Students. In laboratory courses, students are charged actual cost of items lost or broken. Fines are assessed in the library for lost or overdue books.

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