Academic Renewal

Academic Renewal allows students to change recorded sub-standard academic performance that does not show a student’s current ability. The permanent academic record will reflect a true and complete academic history.

  1. Academic Renewals are only granted once.
  2. A student may request to have up to 30 units of substandard course disregarded in the computation of grade point average.
  3. At least twenty-four (24) units of college work from an accredited institution with a 2.0 grade point completed after the 30 units of coursework.
  4. No alleviated course work shall apply toward degree requirements.
  5. Specify the course(s) to be considered under the Academic Renewal policy, Include the term the course work was attempted.
  6. Some four-year college and out-of-state community colleges do not honor Academic Renewal.

Petition for an Academic Renewal at Admissions & Records.