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100 Plus

State law requires that at 100 degree-applicable units or more, students will lose enrollment priority and a hold will be placed on their subsequent enrollments. Students will only be able to enroll when the hold is automatically removed which is usually one week before classes begin (Open Registration).

The 100-unit limit applies only to units earned at Cerritos College. Any units earned at other colleges are not counted towards that total. Also, any units earned in basic skills classes (eg. Math 60 or below, Engl 52/72 or below, or any Reading courses below the level of Read 54) do not count. In addition any non-degree applicable English as a Second Language courses are not included. If you are enrolled in summer, those units will also not count toward the total.

Students will see a '100+' unit hold on your enrollment appointment in My Cerritos and will not be able to enroll on the day and time given unless an appeals petition is submitted and it is approved through the Academic Records and Standards Committee.

The petition requires at least 10 working days (Monday through Thursday) to process. If the appeals petition is approved after your posted enrollment appointment, the hold will be removed and you will be able to access the enrollment screen at the time of the removal or any time after. If the petition is denied or students choose not to petition, you will still be able to enroll during Open Registration once the hold is removed. In subsequent terms, the hold will be reapplied when registration begins for that term and similar processes and procedures for removing that hold will be implemented. If you should have any questions, please bring this letter with you.

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