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Student Affairs

Welcome to Student Affairs!

The purpose of Student Affairs is to complement the academic program of studies and enhance the overall educational experience of students through participation in social, cultural, intellectual, recreational, health, outreach, governance and student accountability programs.

Located in the Student Activities Office and Game Room building, Student Affairs is comprised of the following functional areas: Associated Students of Cerritos College, Student Activities, and Student Conduct & Grievances.

Associated Student of Cerritos College is the organized student government representing all students, and is comprised of three branches (Cabinet, Court, and Senate) representing over 50 elected and appointed student leaders.

Student Activities Office provides programs, engagement opportunities, and services that enhance the quality of the student experience at Cerritos College, and contributes to student growth and development. Student learning and development is the result of both academic and non-academic engagement, both in and out of the classroom (Astin, 1993; Pascarella and Terenzini, 1991), and the Student Activities Office is committed to providing opportunities that empower, educate, and engage students and the community, and enrich the Cerritos College experience.

The Office of Student Conduct & Grievances serves the campus community through facilitating thorough, transparent, and fair student conduct and grievance processes that uphold community standards while respecting the rights of the individual. 


For information regarding Student Affairs, please call 562-860-2451, extension 2458.
Offices are located in the Student Activities, right next to the Bookstore.


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