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Meet the Counseling Staff

Counseling Department Staff 2022
Dean and Division Chairs
Dean of Counseling Services Dr. Eliza Hoyos Vences
Department Chair Dr. Chelena Fisher 
Instructional Chair Francesca Bello 
Robert Aguayo Dr. Bernice Embry Mai-Thi Pham
Honey Anang Cynthia Ferrufino Chad Ponciano 
Nikki Barber  Dr. Chelena Fisher Claudia Quilizapa
Francesca Bello Ramon Franco Jaime Quiroz
Debbie Boudreau Berenice Gallardo Veronica Rios 
Steven Brooks Jovany Gaucin Gustavo Romero
Rosa Carrillo Marvelina Graf Grace Santiago
Rocio Casillas Monica Hernandez Robert Stewart
Kevin Castillo  Dr. Shelia Hill Alejandra Viveros
Rigo Castro Dr. Sheela Hoyle MiaSarah Walsh
Mauricio Cedillos Claudia Loera Chanae Wami
Harvey Chew Brittany Lundeen Isaiah Whitfield
Raheem Collins Dr. Michelle Mahoney Louis Williams 
Dr. Jan Connal  Natasha Majano Rosina Wright
Jeffrey Cutkomp Lauren Maki  
Diana Diaz Dr. Ken Matsuura  
Classified Staff
Division Secretary Kim Applebury
Success Coach 

Sara Chavez
Quinn Doan
Nayeli Duenas
Alanah Liggins
Monique Rodriguez
Vanessa Salas

Administrative Clerk III

Evelyn Mattison

Administrative Clerk II

Norma Martinez
Angelina Ramirez 
Joy Roche 


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