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Students who are placed on Academic/Progress Dismissal for Fall are sent a letter notifying them that they have been dismissed from Cerritos College for one semester (Fall).

Dismissal status is defined as follows:

  • Academic Dismissal—When a student’s cumulative GPA is less than 2.0, after completing twelve (12) units or more, and is on academic probation for two consecutive semesters.
  • Progress Dismissal—When a student has been on progress probation for at least two consecutive semesters and the percentage of units which have entries of “W”, “I”, “NC”, “NP” equals or exceeds fifty percent.

Even if an enrollment appointment is received, students may not enroll for classes at Cerritos College for the Fall semester after being dismissed until they have filed a Petition for Readmission and are approved for readmission by the Academic Records and Standards Committee.  The committee will review the petition and any supporting documentation submitted before making a decision.  However this dismissal from fall does not prevent you from attending the summer session. Dismissed students may enroll in or may already be enrolled in the summer immediately following the spring term in which they were dismissed.

In order to be considered for readmission to Cerritos College for Fall 2022, students must complete the Petition for Readmission and return it to the Admissions and Records Office ( the date on the petition form.This deadline will not be extended under any circumstances.

Dismissed students may return without filing a petition for the spring term or any term subsequent to the spring. You must file an application for admission as a re-admit student. Spring applications will be available online beginning August 1st.

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