Academic/Progress Probation

Students who are on Academic/Progress Probation are notified through their MyCerritos Portal-Message Center. If a student is on Academic/Progress Probation the academic standing is also noted on your transcript.

The Counseling Department is committed to helping students succeed and provide you with resources you can use to help get you back to good academic standing.

Students who are on Academic/Progress Probation will have a unit limitation based on the cumulative GPA and/or completion rate.

It is important for students to learn about the probation policies and solutions to help improve your academic standing.

Students who continue on probation, will risk losing their enrollment priority, are subject to losing their California Promise Grant (if you are a recipient)  and may also risk dismissal from Cerritos College.

Please refer to the Cerritos College Catalog for the explanation of Academic/Progress Probation and Dismissal.

Please make choices to give yourself every opportunity to get back into ‘good academic standing’.

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