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Students who are on Academic/Progress Probation are sent a letter inviting them to attend a Success Workshop specifically for those on probation. At the Success Workshop, students will learn probation policies, solutions to common problems, and meet with a counselor for an educational plan.

Students who continue on probation, will risk losing their enrollment priority and may also risk dismissal from school.Enrollment priority maybe lost if you are on probation for two or more consecutive semesters. This means you will not be able to use an enrollment appointment and will be allowed to enroll during "open" enrollment which is approximately one week before classes begin.Please refer to the Cerritos College Catalog for the explanation of Academic/Progress Probation and Dismissal.For more information on the Loss of Enrollment Priority go to:

Educational Planning Workshops or the Success Workshops are recommended for those students who are on probation. They may also be beneficial for students in their second or more semester of probation.

Resources to help you be a more successful student are available at iFALCON webpage and the Student Success Center.

Call the Counseling Division for more information at (562) 467-5231.

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