Teacher TRAC Mentor Program

Welcome to the Teacher TRAC Mentor Program / Community Partnerships for Teacher Pipeline Project (CPTP) Mentor Information Page. We are so glad you made it to our web site! TTMP / CPTP is an initiative to build a community-based teacher pipeline that strengthens the teaching profession by increasing the number of Teachers of Color. 

Watch our CPTP Student voices video! Link: https://youtu.be/tnGEspT19Yw 

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Program Highlights:

  • Mentor up to 2 Cerritos College Teacher TRAC students for minimally 1 year.
  • Opportunity to shape the future of the teaching profession.
  • Stipend per semester for mentorship of up to 2 Cerritos College Teacher TRAC students. 
  • Join a Professional Learning Community of comprehensive, integrated and long-lasting support.
  • Faculty Development Opportunities.

 CPTP News Release Article 

How to reach us: teachertrac@cerritos.edu