EDEL 200 Course Work


Course Description:

Prerequisite: Enrollment in the Cerritos College Teacher Training Academy (Teacher TRAC) or CSULB's Integrated Teacher Education Program (ITEP), and completion of EDEL 100 or equivalent with a grade of Pass or "C" or higher.

Note: Students enrolled in the CSULB's Integrated Teacher Education Program (ITEP), must fill out a Teacher TRAC Application before enrolling in this class.

EDEL 200 provides an overview of the teaching profession for students enrolled in the Teacher TRAC Program. Students will be exposed to the philosophies of education, the history of education in America, the sociology of education, contemporary issues in education, and the role of education in American society. This course includes 45 hours of field experience. (3 Units)

Transfer Credit: CSU

SERVE Hourly Requirements:

The EDEL 200 course provides students with 45 hours of hands-on fieldwork in an elementary classroom. Under the direction and supervision of the classroom Mentor Teacher, EDEL students help increase student achievement in academic subjects. Mentor Teachers have a minimum of three years classroom experience and have been recommended as exemplary teachers by their school administration. They have graciously volunteered their classrooms so that our Teacher TRAC students can fulfill their EDEL 200 fieldwork requirement.