Teacher TRAC Grants Page

Grants that Currently
Support Teacher TRAC:

Chancellors Office Teacher Preparation Pipeline Grant for CTE:

The Teacher TRAC, Career Technical Education (CTE) Pathways teacher preparation model continues to build upon the relationships, rigor, and relevance needed to recruit and prepare qualified CTE teachers.  Three distinct populations are targeted in this program: high school students, college students, and incumbent workers.  Teacher TRAC, CTE Pathways provides preparation pathways in four career sectors: 1.) automotive, 2.) woodworking, 3.) welding, and 4.) Education (secondary, post-secondary, and early childhood).

Grants that have supported
Teacher TRAC in the Past:

American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) Teaching Scholar Partnership:

Funded by the National Science Foundation, co-sponsored by AACC, The Council of Independent Colleges and the Independent Colleges Office, the project awarded the two-year grants to 28 community colleges and four-year colleges. The TSP Project aims at enhancing science and math instruction in K-12 classrooms while encouraging undergraduate students to consider teaching in the areas of math and science.  Teaching Scholars graduating from the Teacher TRAC-TSP project at Cerritos College will be able to transfer directly to California State University, Long Beach for completion of their degree with a concentration in math or science.

Boeing Grant - The Partnership to Develop K-12 Special Education Teachers (SETuP):

This pathway prepares future special education teachers through a streamlined, blended program that allows students to complete a baccalaureate degree, student teaching, multiple subject teaching credential, and educational specialist credential in four calendar years.  We have mentors from Cerritos College, CSULB, and each of our four surrounding school districts.

Carnegie, Hewlett Grant:

This initiative is part of an ongoing collaboration between The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and The William & Flora Hewlett Foundation.  The grant affords us the opportunity to introduce a systematic approach to implementing new and innovative pedagogical strategies in developmental English and Mathematics.  These funds also support a faculty development program that will increase the success and retention of all students, particularly those requiring pre-collegiate courses in English and Math.  In addition to this, the Grant provides support for a much needed systematic approach to improve student learning by structuring activities and assessing learning outcomes.

GEAR UP Project Grant:

The GEAR UP project with Bellflower Middle/High School has been designed to continue the school's transformation through professional development, curricular improvement, academic support services, college and financial aid counseling, and parent involvement to build a college-going culture and to continually increase the number of students eligible for admission to colleges and universities upon graduation.

Governor's CalGRIP Workforce Investment Act Grant:

The Cerritos College Urban Teacher Fellowship (CCUTF) will recruit 60 17-18 year olds students for participation in this project.  Participants will receive basic skills remediation and community college instruction leading toward an AA/AS degree aligned with the requirements of CSU Long Beach's BA/BS and teacher credentialing program.  Participants completing the skills remediation Bridge Program will receive 60 hours of after school youth worker training and be placed in employment in area after school programs, using this employment as a source of financial support and career-relevant work experience as they pursue the longer-term teaching credential program.  Participants will be organized in learning communities of approximately 30 individuals from the point of the Bridge Program until completion of the project.  Each learning community will be assigned an Employment Development Specialist who will provide in-class support, group coaching and support, individual academic and job preparation coaching, and supportive service referrals.

Long Beach Elementary Science & Mathematics Teacher Education Program (LBESTEP):

LBESTEP {1999 - 2004} was a National Science Foundation {NSF} funded 3 year collaborative effort between California State University, Long Beach and Cerritos College Teacher TRAC to focus on and improve K-8 teacher preparation in mathematics and sciences in Southern California.

National Science Foundation TS3P Grant:

Funding from the National Science Foundation is provided to the Teacher TRAC program to develop a secondary school Mathematics and Science Teacher Preparation Program called Teaching Secondary School Scholar Partnership (TS3P).  The overall goal of TS3P is to increase the number of secondary school teachers who have a single subject credential in Mathematics or the Sciences.

Preparing Tomorrows Teachers to use Technology (PT3) Grant:

California State University, Long Beach and Cerritos College were awarded a PT3 grant over a period of four years to implement specific teacher preparation improvements, by the U.S. Department of Education.  Across the nation 127 colleges and universities were awarded the PT3 grant, as part of the Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers to Use Technology program.  These grants will support teacher preparation improvements in virtually every state and region across the country, with a focus on improving the use of technology in teaching in low-income communities and rural areas, and among minority groups and special populations. 

Teacher Reading Development Program Chancellor's Grant:

The purpose of the Teacher and Reading Development Partnerships effort is to encourage community college students to pursue a career in teaching.  Applications initiated by the community colleges in teacher preparation will be articulated with teacher education programs at California State Universities (CSU) and local school districts.  Each partnership will offer a curriculum that includes elementary classroom fieldwork to assist students in developing improved reading skills. 

CSULB Math & Science Teacher Initiative Middle School Summer GATE Academy:

Cerritos College Teacher TRAC partners with California State University, Long Beach and Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District to offer a Summer Math/Science Academy to address both math/science preparation and increase the pipeline of qualified math and science teachers.  The Academy is a week-long curricular enrichment experience for middle school grades, GATE students in the Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District.

Packard Foundation Early Learning Urban Teacher Fellowship (UTF) Collaborative:

The Early Learning Foundation Urban Teacher Fellowship project is a collaborative partnership between Cerritos Community College Department of Teacher Education, Teacher TRAC Program, Child Development, and CSULB College of Education and Child Development department. A small group of faculty from each institution is working together to design an Integrated Teacher Education Program pathway for students at Cerritos College who are interested in pursuing a multiple subject credential at CSULB. The goal of this pathway is to prepare future elementary teachers with a deeper knowledge of child development linked to a constructivist approach for effective instruction. A constructivist framework will be carried through our programs and our integrated pathway, supporting a series of institutional changes that will increase our collaborative's capacity to prepare future early elementary teachers using child development education and workplace experience as an integral component of their preparation.

Packard Foundation Urban Teacher Fellowship (UTF) Collaborative:

The Urban Teacher Fellowship (UTF) Program is designed to target both the need for stable employees in afterschool programs as well as the shortage of qualified, highly-skilled teachers in high need, urban school districts.  The goal is to create a regional initiative to prepare disadvantaged youth and adults for employment in the afterschool workforce and to create continuing career pathways leading to teaching careers.  Organizations collaborating with Cerritos College include the South Bay Center for Counseling (SBCC), CSU Long Beach, SELACO WIB, and organizations operating after school programs in our service area including THINK Together, the Greater Long Beach YMCA, ICES, and district after school programs in the Bellflower and Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School Districts.

Union Bank Grant:

The Union Bank Grant will enhance the Cerritos College Teacher TRAining ACademy (Teacher TRAC) Program by formalizing paid internships opportunities for future K-12 teachers concentrating or majoring in mathematics or science. The objective is to attract more students to teaching mathematics or science in middle and high schools by affording them paid internships, counseling, and mentor support.