Elementary Teaching Pathway

What is the Elementary Teaching Pathway?Teacher TRAC Student teaching children 

The Elementary Teaching Pathway is for students interested in becoming an elementary school teacher.

Teacher TRAC students may apply and transfer to the University of their choice. However, Teacher TRAC's flagship program is a partnership with California State University, Long Beach.

As a student in the integrated, standards-based Teacher TRAC / CSULB program, you can earn your bachelor's degree and multiple-subject teaching credential, and complete your student teaching.

How does Teacher TRAC help Prepare you to become an Elementary Teacher?

  • Teacher TRAC educates and trains students to become effective teachers.
  • Provides real-world, hands on learning in the classroom with mentor teachers.
  • Equips students with knowledge and skills to succeed and want to go on to college.
  • Allows you to grow as a Teacher and a Professional.
  • Enhance your knowledge in the fields that you'll be teaching.

Why Teach at the Elementary Level?

  • California has a teacher shortage and needs qualified elementary teachers.
  • Ensure California has skilled and qualified teachers to keep the school system strong.
  • Share the Passion of Learning with the next Generation.
  • Contribute to the Community

Elementary Curriculum & Transfer Information 

Male TRAC Student working with a child


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