Get to Know Teacher TRAC

Introduction to Teacher TRAC


Meet our Directors 

Colleen McKinley - Director of Educational Partnerships & Programs / Director of Teacher Trac
Sue Parsons - Director Emeritus of Educational Partnerships & Programs / Founding Director of Teacher TRAC

Careers in Education Workshop

TRAC Time Workshop
April 3, 2019

Student Testimonials 

Destiny Islas - Special Education Instructional Assistant
Teacher TRAC Class of 2020

Matthew Botello - Site Bridging Liaison
Teacher TRAC Class of 2016

Michelle Bourret - 6th Grade Teacher
Teacher TRAC Class of 2010

Jennifer Gomez - 4th Grade Teacher
Teacher TRAC Class of 2011

Teacher TRAC Recognition Ceremony

Teacher TRAC Recognition Ceremony

Teacher TRAC Recognition Ceremony
May 16, 2019