Teacher TRAC Workshops

During the Fall and Spring semesters, the Teacher TRAC Center offers a number of workshops for students. Visit our Calendar of Events for Dates and Times

TRAC Time Workshops

These workshops are meant to give students opportunities to learn about the Teacher TRAC Program, the CSULB Integrated Teacher Education Program (ITEP), the CSULB Liberal Studies Program, Credential Programs, and other important information related to becoming a Teacher.

Transfer Preparation Workshops 

Hosted by the Teacher TRAC Counselors, these workshops go over some of the basics of what students need to do to prepare to transfer. Topics include paperwork and deadlines to apply for a degree, deadline dates for Cerritos College, and CSU Application Dates.

Blue Line 


The Transfer Center at Cerritos College currently hosts all transfer application workshops and are a great resource for students preparing to transfer.  We strongly encourage you to seek CSU Application Assistance from our Transfer Center website by utilizing any of the below three online platforms to ensure accurate completion of your CSU application.