Early Childhood Education Pathway


What is the Teacher TRAC Early Childhood Education (ECE) Pathway

The Cerritos College Teacher TRAC Early Childhood Education Pathway focuses on students interested in teaching in early childhood programs.  Future ECE teachers attending Cerritos College have the opportunity to complete certificates, permits, an A.A. degree and/or AS-T degree. Students can prepare for the workforce and/or transfer to the institution of their choice for a bachelor’s degree. 

Embracing the Child Development Departments mission statement of lifelong learning, Teacher TRAC ECE students will be encouraged to grow as a Teacher and a Professional and will be assisted in the pathway in order to maximize their career options and earnings.

Why Teach ECETeacher Teaching Student

  • Passion for teaching & learning
  • Enthusiasm for infants, toddlers, and young Children
  • Want to support children’s learning and development
  • Desire to Work with and through families and communities to support children’s learning and development
  • Desire to use knowledge of child development and your relationships with children and their families to understand children as individuals and to plan in response to their unique needs and potentials
  • Want to promote children’s cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and linguistic development by organizing and orchestrating the environment in ways that best facilitate development and learning

Opportunities Offered through the Teacher TRAC ProgramStudent Discovering Nature

  • Specialized Counseling with dedicated Teacher TRAC Counselors
  • Eligibility to Apply for Scholarships
  • Targeted Courses for and with other future teachers 
  • Internships
  • Teaching Conferences and Workshops
  • Curriculum Pathways leading to partner universities 

Resources for Teacher TRAC ECE PathwayStudents in Learning Centers  

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