EDEL 105 Course Work

INTRODUCTION TO TEACHING (Single Subject Credential)

Course Description:

Prerequisite: Enrollment in the Cerritos College Teacher Training Academy (Teacher TRAC).

EDEL 105 will provide students with an introduction to the profession of teaching at the secondary level. Teaching and learning in contemporary classrooms serving diverse student populations are discussed. The course will address professional teaching standards and current educational issues. Students will begin development of their Teacher TRAC Reflective Portfolio. Ten hours observation in a middle/high school is a required component of this course. (1 Unit)

Transfer Credit: CSU

SERVE Hourly Requirements:

The EDEL 105 course provides students with 10 hours of secondary classroom observation during the course. This observation assignment will allow the student the opportunity to see how the California Standards for the Teaching Profession are being implemented in the daily activities of secondary instruction. Participating Mentor Teachers have a minimum of three years classroom experience and have been recommended as exemplary teachers by their school administration. They have graciously volunteered their classrooms so that our Teacher TRAC students can fulfill their EDEL 105 fieldwork requirement.